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Summer is a wonderful time to get creative! There is excitement and sunshine in the air. Let your child get creative outside with one of these crafts.

1. Grow a Bean Plant


Clear Glass Jar

Dry Beans


Cotton Balls

What To Do:

1. Stuff the glass jar with cotton balls.

2. Place two or three beans in the bottom of the jar near the edge. You want to be able to see the bean grow.

3. Water the cotton balls. Saturate the cotton balls, but do not drown the beans.

4. Place the jar in a window and watch it grow.

2. Paper Plate Flowers


Thin Dessert Size Paper Plates




Green Craft Stick

Green Foam Sheet


1. Cut the paper plate into a flower shape (example: tulip or daisy).

2. Paint the paper plate.

3. Glue the green craft stick to the plate for the stem.

4. Make leaves out of the green foam.

5. Glue the leaves to the stem.

3. Paint with Vegetables


Craft Paint




Bell Pepper

Corn on the Cob


1. Prepare your vegetables. Cut the okra in half. Cut the bell pepper in half width or length wise. Break the broccoli into individual florets. You can use other vegetables that you have around the house. Create fun shapes with the vegetables.

2. Dip the vegetables in the paint.

3. Stamp the okra, broccoli or corn cob, etc. onto the paper. Allow your child to stamp all over the paper and make his/her own design.

  1. Foam Flowers




Green Construction Paper or Green 

Yellow Foam Sheets


Orange Foam Sheets

Markers and Paint


1. Roll the green cardstock or construction paper into a tube shape for the stem. Secure the stem at either end with a piece of tape.

2.Cut the daffodil petals out of the yellow foam. Arrange the petals in a circle with the edges slightly overlapping. Tape the petals together.

3. Make the center piece for your daffodil. Cut the orange foam into a rectangle shape. Make a fringe along one long side of the rectangle. Roll the foam into a circle and secure it with tape.

4. Tape the orange daffodil trumpet in the center of the yellow daffodil. The fringe of the trumpet should be away from the yellow petals.

5. Lastly, tape the stem to the flower.

Enjoy the beauty and opportunity for creativity that summer brings. Most importantly, have fun!